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A new playground is coming to Governor’s Island!

Allie Early
Written by
Allie Early

New York is always ready for another playground, and this time one’s headed to Governor’s Island in May 2016—and it’s not your average play space, either. Dubbed play:ground by creators and NYC parents Eve and Alex, the new area is an adventure playground (meaning there are plenty of moving parts for your kids to interact with). It will offer many simple and found materials, allowing your little ones to imagine driving a car, cooking a meal, flying and even living with wild animals—your kids may have test-driven something like it at play:ground's September 2015 event!

Here’s everything else you need to know:

It’ll be an open-air space for kiddos to explore, and there will be loose parts (recycled materials) like wood planks, cardboard, tires, hay bales and fabrics.

It will also be fully stocked with tools for building—think hammers, nails, saws, tape, glue, paint, chalk, dirt (for mud!) and water—no plastic tools here! That being said, there will be staff playworkers to help supervise—they'll act as "playground lifeguards" and help facilitate free play where necessary, plus they'll also help kids learn new skills responsibly.

This project was successfully funded by Kickstarter with a crowdfunding goal of $25,000. Be sure to check out our other favorite playgrounds and playgrounds with famous artwork too.

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