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Five things you can't miss at New York Historical Society this season

Five things you can't miss at New York Historical Society this season
Rendering: Courtesy New York Historical Society

We thought it might be worth pointing out that the New York Historical Society has been up to some pretty cool stuff for families lately. And after cruising its event lineup for the next few months, we've highlighted some programming and new features that your kids will really love—and you'll really want to know about!

See below for our top five favorites!

1. Fourth floor opening (April 29, 2017, free with museum admission)

In celebration of the reopening of the Luce Center on the Museum's fourth floor, kids can interact with living historians in the galleries (known here as "New Yorkers of the Past"), meet a reenacting troop that demos military drills with equipment and explore artwork and artifacts. You'll also be able to try out History Detective Briefcases for the first time (see #2).

2. History Detective Briefcases for Families (Begins April 29, avail on weekends, holidays and public school vacation weeks, free with museum admission)

Head to the fourth floor and sign out a History Detective briefcase to take around during your visit. You'll be learning about the past through games, sketching and fun family challenges. Just be sure to return it before you leave!

3. Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge Concert (May 6 11am, $15, members $12)

It's time to celebrate the 75th anniversary of The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge! Families will love this live musical adapted from the book, which tells the story of a Little Red Lighthouse who felt important until the Great Gray Bridge was built.

4. Meet the Fledglings with the Wild Bird Fund (May 20 2–3:30pm, museum admission + $5 per child, ages 5 and up)

By far NYHS's cutest event of the year, the Meet the Fledglings program visits the Museum to teach guests about some of our flighty bird neighbors and even allows eventgoers to help feed a baby bird that's currently in the care of the Wild Bird Fund.

5. Stroller Tour Through History (Second Friday of every month May–December 2017 9–10am, $25. $25 per family: two adults and their children. Open to children under 24 months.)

"Stroll" through history with your children two and under as an early childhood educator leads the kids on a creative adventure through history before the museum opens for the day. Expect singing, art-making and plenty of movement!