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Love Dinosaurs? Catch Metrograph’s dinosaur-themed family matinees!

Love Dinosaurs? Catch Metrograph’s dinosaur-themed family matinees!
Photograph: Courtesy Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures/Photofest

Looking for a Dino-mite time with the family? Yep, we went there. A sweet throwback to the Mesozoic Era is coming to a theater near you! Newcomer indie film venue Metrograph (to be exact) is hosting a dinosaur movie marathon that’s great for kids and parents alike. For $12 or $15 (matinee v. evening), you can see flicks like Jurassic Park, King Kong and The Good Dinosaur. Looking for other prehistoric fun? Head to see the Titanosaur at the Museum of Natural History and Field Station: Dinosaurs when springtime hits to meet huge animatronic creatures.


Jurassic Park

Sat Jan 7 - noon, 7:15pm

Sun Jan 8 – noon


The Lost World: Jurassic Park

Sat Jan 14 – noon

Sun Jan15 – noon

Tues Jan 17 – 4pm, 9:30pm


Jurassic Park III

Sat Jan 21, noon

Sat Jan 22, noon


King Kong

Sat Jan 28, noon

Sun Jan 29, noon


The Land Before Time



The Good Dinosaur



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