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The Playdate Project: Sterling and Carly

The Playdate Project: Sterling and Carly

We sent these mini New Yorkers on a blind (play)date in the city...let's find out if they became new BFFs! Check out The Playdate Project to read about more fun-filled match-ups.

The Playdate: Building Bitbots at The littleBits Store,
55 West Broadway (917-924-2358,

Sterling, 11 (left)
Neighborhood: East Village
Ideal playdate: Come back to the littleBits store!

Carly, 10 (right)
Neighborhood: Maspeth, Queens
Ideal playdate: Go on the Ferris wheel at Toys "R" Us

Favorite thing about NYC:
Sterling: "The fact that a lot of famous people come here to make films. I like bumping into them like, Hey, you're Queen Latifah!"
Carly: "I like all the fancy places and the skyscrapers in Manhattan. They don't have tall buildings in Queens."

First Impression:
Sterling: "At first, she wasn't talking at all, but then she started talking once we started making stuff together."
Carly: "She had pink hair! She seemed really nice and talkative."

Best Part:
Sterling: "Playing the guitar. I really want to build one of those. And we both really liked making the little cars."
Carly: "We got to do cool things like build a spider car. It was kind of easy—no, actually it was kind of medium."

Friend Potential:
Sterling: "I get annoyed with people who are just like me, but she's really quiet and not hyper. She's cool!"
Carly: "We like the same things. We both like everything that's pink. I want to dye my hair blond with pink in it."
Want to get set up? E-mail us at with “PLAYDATE” in the subject line.



Charlene S

That is my baby.  So proud of her so photogenic.