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The Plaza's new kids' etiquette course can help 'em mind their manners

Allie Early
Written by
Allie Early

If the words "Your son/daughter is so well-behaved!" bring you utmost joy—and you're prepared to hear that particular compliment a little more often—you'll definitely want to look into The Plaza Hotel's brand new Children & Teen Etiquette Course for children ages 5 to 11 and young adults 12 to 17. Led by Beaumont Etiquette, this special program offers the basics, including proper table manners, greeting adults with respect and learning positive body language and eye contact.

For the little ones, the class is taught in The Eloise Tea Room (rawther fancy, we might add), and it is limited to 15 students (a caregiver is permitted to accompany children under nine). The upcoming sessions will be held May 6 11am–1pm, May 17 4:30pm–6:30pm, July 15, 20 10am–noon.

For the older children, class is held in The Todd English Food Hall Private Dining Room and will cover topics like conversation etiquette, dining etiquette, introductions and handshakes, positive body language, dating etiquette, dress codes, social media/phone etiquette and much more! That upcoming course will be held May 6 2:30pm–4:30pm, July 15, 20 1–3pm.

Each course is $125 per child and includes light refreshments. Sign up for one here!

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