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The worst baby names ever, as shared by Reddit users

The worst baby names ever, as shared by Reddit users
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After browsing this amazing Reddit feed, one thing is certainly clear: the world has spoken, and there are a ton of pretty bad (entertaining or otherwise) baby names out there.


Among them, you’ll find Elizabreth—yes, spelled that way. Responses include:

“…which easily becomes The Lizard Breath”

“Wait. For real? Elizabreth? Like breath? Why?”

“F*ck man, I was just about to name my daughter that.”

“Don’t run too fast or elizabreth.”



“What is it with “y’s” in place of vowels?”

“Y is a vowel.”

“It’s because that child is special and needs to stand out.”

“Nearly as bad as ee instead of y, like Aimee or Billee or Melanee. Worst I heard was where they’d spelt it Bethanie instead of Bethany because ‘then she can dot her little I with a heart.’”



“I hope her crib is right in the middle of the nursery…nobody puts Baby in a corner!”

“Somebody liked Dirty Dancing!”

“There’s an 11-year-old girl in my town named Baby! She’s the youngest of 9 so I guess they just got lazy.”



“Beberly hills. Rollin’ like a celebrity.”

“Sounds bubbly.”



“Well, I have liked the name ‘Garden’ for a daughter, but my wife was really set on 'Olive,' so we compromised and are naming her Olive Garden Smith.”

“She’s gonna get unlimited breadsticks when she grows up.”


Orlando “for a girl. It was because of the Virginia Woolf Book.”

“Sounds like the parents really wanted a boy, and then a girl again.

“Solid book, at least…”



“Like, the horse?”

“You just made me realize I’ve been spelling Appaloosa wrong for several years. I thought there was only one p…”



“We just had a kid. At the hospital we asked the nurse the craziest baby name she’s heard. She said it out loud ‘Secret.’ Not bad, right? Then she wrote it. ‘C’KRET.’”


Maybe we’ll stick with something more old-fashioned when it’s time to name our kids…you know, like Phoenix. To continue your baby name journey, check out these baby names that are about to go extinct, the most popular baby names of 2015 and even these baby names for hipsters.