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Two trick-or-treat apps to make the most of Halloween
Written by
Allie Early

Trick or treating is a different animal in New York than in the burbs. If you’re not going shop to shop, to a specific event or cruising your building for candy, finding the best candy routes can be a bit of a pain. Since Halloween for kids is the best (and you want to make the most of the year’s spookiest holiday), you may want to consider trying one of these two cool Halloween apps on for size.

Halloween Treat Map by Nextdoor

Neighborhood info resource Nextdoor has stepped into the trick-or-treat realm with their detailed Halloween Treat Map. When you sign up and log in, you can see which of your neighbors are giving out candy this year (just check for the Treat Map in the upper right hand corner of your home page) by finding the candy corn indicators. 

Treatster by Target

Similar to Nextdoor’s app, Treatster helps families find epic trick-or-treating spots in your neighborhood via an interactive map. Users can give each pumpkin indicator (house/apartment/store) a “thumbs up” to tell other trick-or-treaters how great it is, too! The bigger the pumpkin, the better the spot.

Happy haunting!

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