Back-to-School Festival

Museums, Kids
Photograph: Courtesy Steve Metzger CMOM Back to School Party

Cue the groans—summer is slipping away and school will be back in session soon. Before they have to board the bus, help your little pupils get their ducks in a row with a little fun thrown in at CMOM's two-day fest. On Saturday, tots can design their own on-the-go snack bag and learn to make healthy munchies with help from chef and author Cricket Azima (2pm). Return on Sunday to hear author and educator Steve Metzger drop some knowledge on how to get your kids ready for school, with tips from his book It's Time for School (2pm). On both days, little ones can decorate book buddies to look like a school house, bus or box of crayons (10am–1pm). Ages 1.5 to 10 years.


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