"If You Lived Here, You'd Be Home"

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"If You Lived Here, You'd Be Home"
Courtesy of the artist and DC Moore Gallery Joyce Kozloff. L'Afrique, 2012.

Printed maps have provided the information we needed to understand our surroundings since long before Google was giving us directions on our iPhones. The artists featured in the Children's Museum of the Arts' fall exhibit incorprates elements of cartography and mapping into detailed multimedia works, including collages, prints, paintings and drawings. Many used their imaginations as the first cartographers did, to wonder what lies beyond certain physical boundaries, and kids can now take a crack at interpreting the meaning behind the unique diagrams. The artistic expressions of personal identity, political ideas and culture will serve as great inspiration for visitors, who get to add their personal touch to a large-scale world map on the museum wall. Ages 5 and up.


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