"Rebirth: Recent Works of Mariko Mori"

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Courtesy the Japan Society "Rebirth: Recent Works of Mariko Mori" at the Japan Society
Japanese artist Mariko Mori's first NYC solo show in more than a decade explores the spiritual connections of man to the natural world and ancient cultures with 30-plus installations, sculptures, drawings and videos. Kids will be most impressed with the large-scale works, including the lit-up Ring, which will later take up residence above a Brazilian waterfall; Transcircle 1.1, a pastel-colored Stonehenge whose colors change in sync with planetary positions; and White Hole, a white, energy-generating spiral, the opposite of the famed Black Hole, developed with an astrophysicist. All ages.


Event phone: 212-832-1155
Event website: http://japansociety.org
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