Summer of the Stars: Astronomy

Courtesy Beatty Robotics Rover building at the Beatty workshop
At this astronomy-themed afternoon at the New York Hall of Science, kids will have a chance to the kid creators of the museum's new Mars Rover, a six-wheeled robotic rover. (The museum hired sisters Camille and Genevieve, ages 13 and 11 respectively, and their dad to build them a new rover after seeing how well a prototype worked.) In addition to talking to the family, kids can "drive" the rover themselves (at 1pm). Other activities in store include exploring the surface of Mars on a 3-D virtual reality tour (using Oculus glasses), view the sun with a special solar telescope and check out sun prints, mini rocket launches and solar balloon demos, among other interactive fun. Ages 5 and up.


Event phone: 718-699-0005
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