“With a Single Step: Stories in the Making of America”

Entrance to MOCA's exhibition "With a Single Step: Stories in the Making of America"
Courtesy of Maya Lin Studio/MOCA
The permanent exhibit highlighting the Chinese diaspora in America is slightly text-heavy, but there are plenty of interactive features to keep the kids engaged. Mini history buffs can hold an iron from an early-20th-century Chinese-owned Laundromat and examine the Heritage Chinatown Shop, a showcase of an old general store displaying objects—including specialty Chinese goods—recovered from Chinatown stores in U.S. cities. Tweens and parents will be interested in watching the interviews with New York Times journalist Jennifer 8. Lee, designer Anna Sui and others from MoCA’s video archive. At the end of the exhibit is a large map on which visitors can use red thread to trace their family’s journey to the United States. All ages.


Event phone: 212-619-4785
Event website: http://mocanyc.org
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