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See footage of the National School Walkout in NYC

In a planned effort across the United States, students walked out of their classrooms at 10am today in unified protest of recent school shootings and in support of tighter gun laws that would potentially help to prevent further school tragedies. 

The walkout occurs one month after the deadly shooting in Parkland Florida with 17 casualties. Here in New York, Mayor Bill de Blasio and Gov. Andrew Cuomo are reported to have joined in at two schools (one in Brooklyn and one in Manhattan). According to Patch, Mayor Bill de Blasio has encouraged student participation in the walkouts, and Gov Andrew Cuomo can be seen below in solidarity with NYC students. 

The event's organizers, Empower (the youth division of the Women's March) claim nearly 3,000 walkouts are planned in schools around the country. In some local schools—such as one in Sayreville, New Jersey—students will reportedly face two days of suspension if they participate in the protest. The official event hashtag on Twitter can be followed at #ENOUGH (and more about the event can be found here).

Here is NYC Public School's official tweet about today's student walkout:


See footage of Cardazo High School in Bayside during the walkout: 


And footage of NYC's Dwight School as well: 

See even more photos and media below: