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The Bronx Zoo just launched adorable free drawing tutorials on Instagram

The Bronx Zoo just launched its free "Zoodles" drawing tutorial


It's a wonderful time for little artists to hone their craft. 

Free drawing classes and coloring book pages are easily accessible, and all the creative tools are right at home! Why not spend this time in sketching museum-worthy pieces? After all, the fridge exterior is looking a little bleak and could use some artwork. 

If your little Picassos are looking for their next activity, we have your answer. The Bronx Zoo just launched a free video tutorial series on Instagram called "Zoodles," which provides step-by-step instructions to creating your favorite animals! First up? The super-cute red panda. 

Have a look at the debut Zoodles video!

All that's required is paper, a marker and some crayons! It's an easy way to bring the best of NYC right to your home. 

Check out all of the Zoodles! 

You and the kids can also sketch a penguin, aldabra tortoise and seal!

After the at-home art class, make sure to keep your pint-sized zoologists entertained with fun livestreams from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, which hosts animal meet and greets, feedings and storytimes from attractions across the country. Perhaps this will inspire another bout of creativity for your artists! 

If you're looking to entertain the kiddos with more drawing inspo, be sure to tune in for Mo Willems' daily doodling classes at 1pm or Dav Pilkey's Friday-morning classes. We can't wait to see what your kiddos create next! Happy doodling/zoodling! 

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