The best pet stores in NYC

Whether your family is in the market for a puppy, kitten or other creature, these pet stores in NYC have everything you need to get started

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Picking the perfect family pet can be a painstaking process—how could the kids possibly choose just one? But the process is made much easier thanks to top-notch pet stores in NYC, where you can find happy and healthy puppies, kittens, birds and beyond. Just looking for supplies? Check out these pet supply stores, stocked with everything you'll need to make your critter comfortable. Once you get settled, don't forget to stroll with the kids to some dog friendly New York parks or book a stay at one of the city'spet-friendly hotels. Last but not least, if you're looking to adopt instead, here are 10 awesome places to adopt a dog or cat in NYC.

Pet stores in NYC

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Vanity Pups

Little pups get doted on like precious newborns at this doggy spa—staff even refer to them as "babies." Visitors can make their way around the "nursery" and peek inside the bassinets lining the walls to browse potential furry friends. Though the shop specializes in toy and teacup breeds like Havanese or Shih Tzus, larger dogs like Siberian Huskies and Golden Retrievers are available as well. Once you find the perfect pal to take home, utilize the shop for convenient one-hour grooming (complete with perfume and accessories) as well as discounts on vet care.


If your tot is less-than-impressed with typical cats and dogs, this specialty shop is the place to find an awesome, non-traditional pet. Kids who have been begging for a pecular creature will be floored by the variety available here, ranging from exotic birds and milk snakes to lionfish and dart frogs. Believe it or not, boarding and grooming are even available for reptiles and birds. Getting a critter that has unique needs? The staff will lend a hand in setting up aquariums, terrariums or vivariums and can observe problem birds to help improve their behavior. Real animal-lovers won't want to miss out on weekly children's storytimes and after-school programs in the store.

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Q Puppies

Can't decide what kind of dog is perfect for your family? Pop into this Flushing shop to get a peek at all shapes and sizes, categorized into groups like herding, sporting, working and toy breeds. If the kids are torn between two tiny pups, families can even check out unique hybrids like the Bichon-Poo and Malti-Pom. All the pups are examined by vets on-site and socialized early, plus owners can further pamper theit pooch with accessories and supplies for purchase or take advantage of grooming and boarding programs later on.

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Manhattan Puppies & Kittens

Get your youngsters potty-trained is difficult enough, so why not skip that step when it comes to your pet? This Upper West Side–spot guarantees that your new furry friend is 90% trained when you take it home, with most of the work done in terms of behavior and housebreaking. Choose from large, mid-size and small-breed dogs including German Shepherds, Boxers and Chihuahuas, plus some teacup and toy breeds as well. Those with an affinity for felines can find a long- or short-haired companion. Try out convenient grooming services with door-to-door pickup and drop-off_which treats Fido to nail trimming, ear cleaning and tooth brushing—or 24-hour, cageless boarding and daycare.

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When you can't listen to your kid beg you for a family pooch for one more second, it's worth rolling by Citipups to, at the very least, play with some very adorable puppies. They offer a wide range of breeds, plus they also have dogs of all sizes up for adoption. Fall in love with a chubby French bulldog or fluffy mini Aussie, then stock up on food, leashes, toys, treats and a bed for the little furball. The shop delivers food and other supplies upon request, but you'll want to come back for boarding, walking and to get portraits taken of your best friend.


Pacific Aquarium

If you’re ready to build a mini ocean in your tiny NYC apartment, Pacific Aquarium is sure to please. It specializes in exotic marine fish and fresh water fish that’ll dazzle the kids all day long! The store is also known for having super cool ornamental goldfish, all the aquarium supplies you could possibly need and even bait and tackle supplies for your next family fishing trip.

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Chelsea Kennel Club

This high-end pet store matches families on the hunt for man's best friend with the perfect addition to their life in the city. Browse apartment-size breeds like toy Poodles and Yorkies and pick a pooch with guidance from the attentive staff. All puppies have a three-year guarantee against genetic diseases and up-to-date vaccinations. Don't miss out on specialized grooming services, complete with tearless shampoo, a blow dry, ear cleaning and nail trimming.

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