Kid-friendly NYC hangouts to warm you up in the winter

These positively cozy spots give New York parents a place to warm up and relax with the tots in tow

Photograph: Clotilde TestaBrooklyn Farmacy and Soda Fountain

Need a place to shake off the winter chill? Not just any coffee joint will do when you've got the little ones with you. That's why we tracked down a few lifesaving locales that keep the little ones busy with indoor activities while you get the feeling back in your toes. From taking a yoga class while your kids get busy with arts and crafts, to hanging out at one of NYC's indie bookstores or swinging by a salon for manicures and haircuts, we're confident that you'll find a relaxing respite from the cold at one of these sweet spots.

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Warm hangouts for families

Sangha Yoga Shala

Parents would be thrilled to drop everything and treat themselves to a calming yoga class any time, but they’ll really be able to embrace the practice knowing that their little ones are being looked after nearby. This weekly program with Karri Jenkins gives moms and dads a chance to improve on their practice over a seven-week period, all while the kids are crafting away with art educator Kristin Mahoney in the studio next door. The best part? Your budding yogis get to join in on the fun for the last 15 minutes of class. Full session $210, six classes $180

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Blue Marble Ice Cream

Though ice cream and warmth may seem mutually exclusive, this shop is supremely cozy, and only a few minutes walk away from Prospect Park and the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. The super-friendly baristas pour a killer cup of coffee, and we have a feeling their famed small-batch scoops won’t be a tough sell for the tots. There's definitely a note of neighborhood cheer here; Blue Marble operates a pay-it-forward post-its scheme where you can anonymously gift coffee to anyone you like. Plus, the whole back section of the cafe, equipped with soft toys and likely a friend, too, will keep kids busy while the adults chat or tackle a good book.

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Prospect Heights

McNally Jackson Books


What could be cozier than an independent bookstore, stacked almost to the ceiling with nonfiction, novels, magazines and more? The expertly curated selection of children's classics gives little bookworms something to browse as well. They'll love listening in on weekly storytimes surrounding different themes while parents sip something hot in the café and tackle a few chapters in their own tomes.

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Sharkey's Cuts for Kids

Having your hair washed and cut or hands soaked before a manicure feels that much more luxurious on a frigid winter’s day. Instead of squeezing an appointment in between carpools and play dates, moms can bring the kids along to take part in the pampering as well. They can each snag a wash, cut and blowdry for a total of $74.50, or get individual cuts with manicures thrown in for a touch more (moms $45, kids $38.65). For those who just want to fancy up their fingers, individual mini manis run $8 a pop, and kids who want no part in the beautification can play Xbox 360 while they wait.

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Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain


Decked out to look like an apothecary of yore, Brookyn Farmacy invites families to pull up a stool at the counter and make friends with the modern-day soda jerks who whip up root beer floats and chocolate egg creams. Though these old-school treats are probably enough to keep everyone happy, there are also knitting and crocheting groups for adults on Wednesdays or kid-friendly tunes by Jitterbugs on Thursdays at lunchtime and Friday nights to give the adults some catch-up time.

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Carroll Gardens