Kids are getting insane amounts of Tooth Fairy money in NYC

Gone are the days of quarters and dollar bills from the Tooth Fairy, so it seems—NYC kids are raking in hundreds of dollars by the time they’ve lost their last baby tooth

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What's a baby tooth worth in NYC? Apparently, a whole lot more than anywhere else! A survey released last week reveals that New York parents (AHEM, "The Tooth Fairy") offer the most money for their kids' pearly whites— to the tune of $13.25 (on average) per tooth. That's a $265 payout by the time they've lost their last baby tooth!

In Sunstar Gum's 1,000-person study, Los Angeles is next in line, offering $9.69 per tooth on average. Other numbers include $5.95 in Chicago, $5.28 in Dallas and then $5.02 in Boston. For a normal family, these numbers seem pretty inflated—what do you leave under your kid's pillow? Personally, we'd rather be spending that money on a ticket to one of the best NYC museums.