Make your own Easter basket

Create beautiful bundles with beans, bunnies and more.

The chocoholic
The gummy guru
The vegan vixen
By Michelle Hainer |

In honor of Easter, we asked candy mavens at our favorite city confectioners—Jacques Torres Chocolate, Dewey's, Dylan's Candy Bar, Vosges Haut-Chocolat and LIC factory Sweet & Sara—to pick out their favorite spring items for DIY baskets that kids can help assemble at home. To make one, you'll first need a vessel: Choose a basket from Michaels or a bucket, which can be decorated with stickers and glitter, from Party City. Next, get "shred" to fill out the bottom (an eco-friendly bag is only $1.50 at Kmart). Line the basket, and then place the bigger items in, working from left to right. Have your tots fill in holes with all thelittle extras.

1. The chocoholic

* Backpack Bunny, $23; at Jacques Torres
* Chocolate-covered Peeps, $1.50/pack of two; at Walgreens
* Milk-chocolate pig, $10; at Jacques Torres
* Vosges Haut-Chocolat Deep Milk Chocolate Eggs, $22/pack of four; at Vosges Haut-Chocolat
* Chocolate foil-covered eggs, $11/lb; at Dewey's Candy
* Cadbury Creme Eggs, $3/pack of four, and Cadbury Mini Eggs, $5.50; at Kmart
* Hershey's Bunnies, $1.50/pack of two; at Walgreens. Hershey's Kisses Packs, $5.50; at Kmart

2. The gummy guru

* Jelly beans, $11/lb; at Dewey's Candy
* DCB gum gift box, $10; at Dylan's Candy Bar
* Gummy rabbits, $11/lb; at Dewey's Candy
* Multicolored giant candy necklace, $3.50; at Dylan's Candy Bar
* Rubber-duck Pez, $1.50; at Economy Candy
* Starburst jelly-bean eggs, $1.25; at Walgreens
* Fun Sweets cotton candy, $2.50; at Dewey's Candy
* Easter Pals Jelly Candy on a Stick, $2; at Dewey's Candy

3. The vegan vixen

* Swedish Fish Eggs, $1--$1.25; at Walgreens
* Sour Patch Bunnies, $1--$1.25; at Walgreens
* S'mores, $4; at
* Chocolate bark, $3.50; at
* Pez, $1.50; at Economy Candy
* Skittles plastic eggs, $1.25; at Walgreens
* Glow gluten-free chocolate chip cookies, $7; at Whole Foods
* Vosges Organic Dominica Noir bar, $8.50; at Vosges Haut-Chocolat

Supply sources

Dewey's Candy 141 Front St at Pearl St, Dumbo, Brooklyn (718-422-1333)
Dylan's Candy Bar 1011 Third Ave between 60th and 61 Sts (646-735-0078,
Economy Candy 108 Rivington St between Essex and Ludlow Sts (800-352-4544,
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