The best exhibits at children's museums in NYC

Check out the greatest exhibits at children's museums that are happening right now! Your kids will love 'em.
Photograph: Courtesy Brooklyn Children's Museum

These amazing children's museums provide creative, thought-provoking (and super fun!) exhibits for children. There are so many new and wonderful exhibits passing through that we surely can't name them all, but we'd love to point out a handful of our favorites happening now and in the future.

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Exhibits at children's museums in NYC

Photograph: Courtesy Matt Shanley

Inside You

icon-location-pin American Museum of Natural History, Upper West Side

The American Museum of Natural History’s exhibit explores the microbes, viruses, fungi and other organisms that live inside our bodies. According to the exhibit, our gastrointestinal tract is home to about 100 trillion bacteria and they can be affected by where we live, what we eat and what we touch among other factors. Learn about all about microbial genes and the important work they do to keep us alive. All ages.

Courtesy Jim Kay/Bloomsbury Publishing
Museums, Special interest

A History of Magic

icon-location-pin New-York Historical Society | Manhattan, NY, Upper West Side

Take a trip to Hogwarts—without leaving NYC! Potterheads can experience "Harry Potter: A History of Magic," a British Library exhibit that is coming to the New York Historical Society. Take a peek at what Hogwarts students study, see drafts from mastermind J.K. Rowling and of course, have a magical, whimsical time. All ages. 

Museums, Natural history

Unseen Oceans

icon-location-pin American Museum of Natural History, Upper West Side

Travel deep beneath the Ocean's surface to discover what lurks in the dark, cold depths of the sea with this special exhibit. Visitors learn about the new, cutting edge technologies like robotics, satellite monitoring, miniaturization, and high-definition imaging that scientists use to explore the ocean's vast realm. They can also see some of the new discoveries, like a new island forming near Hawaii and the behaviors of deep sea animals. The exhibit features mesmerizing displays, like a floor-to-ceiling array of biofluorescent species (animals that absorb and re-emit light) and a virtual ride in a submersible.