Parenting Fails: The funniest parenting blunders from NYC families

Sometimes, we're bad moms and dads, okay? Laugh now and deny it later.

 (Photograph: Lauren Spinelli)
Photograph: Lauren SpinelliMy daughter broke a crayon last week, looked at it and said "F!@#." —Shawna, Lower East Side
 (Photograph: Lauren Spinelli)
Photograph: Lauren SpinelliI had my baby in the car seat but forgot to strap the seatbelt around it. As soon as I pulled out of my parking spot, it tipped over. —Annabelle, midtown
 (Photograph: Lauren Spinelli)
Photograph: Lauren SpinelliI left my child on the playground. —Lauren, Harlem
 (Photograph: Lauren Spinelli)
Photograph: Lauren SpinelliI made a boudoir book for my husband. One afternoon, we found our four-year-old reading it on our bed. —Samantha, Upper West Side
 (Photograph: Lauren Spinelli)
Photograph: Lauren SpinelliConnor would watch Toy Story silently, wide-eyed, so my sister surprised him with a Buzz Lightyear. He just kept it at arms length—turns out he was terrified! —Sage, Williamsburg
 (Photograph: Lauren Spinelli)
Photograph: Lauren SpinelliMy kid runs to me when I get home. I moved once, as a joke, and she slammed into the kitchen cabinets. —Katherine, Upper West Side
 (Photograph: Lauren Spinelli)
Photograph: Lauren SpinelliI left a glass of wine on the side table in the living room. While I was in the bathroom, I heard my daughter say to my son, "No, Charlie, my turn, share!" —Hillary, Astoria
 (Photograph: Lauren Spinelli)
Photograph: Lauren SpinelliMy son kept saying he didn't feel good, and I told him to stop his whining. When we got home, I caved and took his temperature. He had a 102 fever. —Louise, Park Slope

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