Parenting Fails: The funniest parenting blunders from NYC families (February 26)

Sometimes, we're bad moms and dads, okay? Laugh now and deny it later.

 (Photograph: Lauren Spinelli)
Photograph: Lauren Spinelli"My toddler took a tampon out of my bag, opened it and stuck it in the produce at the grocery store before I could stop him..." —Marigold, Brooklyn
 (Photograph: Lauren Spinelli)
Photograph: Lauren Spinelli"Destroyed my kid's favorite toy mowing the lawn. I panicked, buried it and said Santa's elves had a recall." —Oscar, Queens
 (Photograph: Lauren Spinelli)
Photograph: Lauren Spinelli"Step 1: Dad wears evil monkey mask. Step 2: Dad hides in daughter's closet. Step 3: Dad now has to sleep on couch." —Anna, Brooklyn
 (Photograph: Lauren Spinelli)
Photograph: Lauren Spinelli"I thought our sitter was drinking on the job when I found Mike's Hard Lemonade bottles in the trash. After firing her, I found out they were actually my husband's." —Margaret, Manhattan
 (Photograph: Lauren Spinelli)
Photograph: Lauren Spinelli"My son fell in a snowbank sledding. He was crying and I kept trying to tell him he was fine. I didn't realize how much snow he had in his pants." —Jess, Manhattan
 (Photograph: Lauren Spinelli)
Photograph: Lauren Spinelli"I preheated the oven to make the kids dinner and accidentally melted Tupperware I stashed in there. They had to have cereal instead." —Danny, Brooklyn
 (Photograph: Lauren Spinelli)
Photograph: Lauren Spinelli"I meant to send my husband a sexy text at work. Accidentally sent it via group text to him and my tween daughter." —Jordan, Manhattan
 (Photograph: Lauren Spinelli)
Photograph: Lauren Spinelli"Told my son if he didn't complain about walking from 20th to 14th St. he could have ice cream. He now wants a creamsicle every time we walk more than four blocks." —Em, Manhattan
 (Photograph: Lauren Spinelli)
Photograph: Lauren Spinelli"I took my daughter to get her ears pierced, but misheard how long she needed to keep the earrings in. The piercings closed up immediately—I felt so bad!" —Lauren, Manhattan
 (Photograph: Lauren Spinelli)
Photograph: Lauren Spinelli"I tried to trim my daughter's bangs and cut them WAY too short. She had micro bangs before they were cool..." —Jen, Brooklyn

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