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The best tutoring locations for students in NYC

Does your little learner need a leg up in school? These K-12 tutoring services will help your kid get ahead.

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Oliver Strand

Schooling has been completely turned on its head this year. First, all classes are now online. Then, the grading policy was changed. Now there's a chance that school buildings won't reopen in the fall of 2020—that's a lot for any family to handle.

Still, your kids need to learn—and we're here to help. These tutoring services provide everything your little scholar might need for tackling grades K-12, including those with special needs. Bonus: Some of these excellent tutoring services are completely free!

If you have any questions about schooling, you should check out our regularly updated coverage of the 2019-2020 academic year. You should also see our list of the best online classes for kids—from the creative thinking of TED Ed, to the academic drills of Kahn Academy, to the fun of turning your home into a performing arts studio, we have everything you need.

Tutoring in NYC

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1. Chegg

Chegg offers one-on-one tutoring with teachers, college students and other education specialists. Chegg tries to match personalities as well as academic needs so that your young learner will be interacting with somebody who knows how to speak to the specific needs of your child.

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The New York Public Library now offers free one-on-one virtual tutoring in a partnership with Brainfuse, the online teaching resource. This free after-school homework help for K-12 students is available for a wide range of subjects, from mathematics and reading, to Spanish and Mandarin, to essay workshops. This service offers videos, activities, writing labs, and other programs 24 hours a day, as well as tutoring via chat from 2–11pm seven days a week in both English and Spanish.

Learn To Be
Photograph: Courtesy Learn To Be Foundation

3. Learn To Be

Like other K-12 tutoring services, Learn To Be offers one-on-one tutoring in a number of subjects taught by qualified educators. But this nonprofit charges according to a sliding scale that you set—and if you feel can't afford to pay, Learn To Be is free. It means everybody can get the academic help he or she needs to get ahead!

Photograph: Courtesy Skooli

4. Skooli

Skooli tutors can help your child in any subject taught in elementary, middle and high school. The pay-as-you go model lets you turn to Skooli when you need help without requiring you to make a commitment. No wonder Skooli is considered to be one of the best tutoring services in North America!


5. Princeton Review

The gold standard of test prep is also a great source of online tutoring for students in grades K-12. From homework help to tutoring in specific subjects, the Princeton Review's network of tutors will be able to help your kid learn.

6. Club Z

Club Z is a comprehensive service that not only covers academic subjects for students grades Pre K-12, it also tutoring for children with ADHD and other learning disabilities. Club Z also offers specialty topics such as science, foreign languages such as Spanish, French and German—even music lessons for the guitar and piano!

Special Ed Tutoring
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7. Special Ed Tutoring

Special Ed Tutoring isn't just for the student who demonstrates special needs. Some children who seem disinterested in school or who struggle with coursework might benefit from a Special Ed Tutor who will not only help teach the student what he or she needs to know, but how the child can better cope with learning in the future. If you're curious, the free consultation might answer some questions on your mind.

8. Growing Stars

Growing Stars matches your little one with a specific tutor who will continue to work with your child and get to know his or her particular needs. This comprehensive tutoring service covers all subjects you might encounter in grades K-12!


9. etutorworld

This tutoring service for students K-12 will help your little scholar tackle any subject, and can even guide them through test prep.

If your kids are stumbling on those equations and calculations, look no further than Aylene Ivy Tutoring. The former electrical engineer began her tutoring service in 2012 and offers help with high school math homework, SAT and ACT prep and Math Regents. Courses are $85 for 75 minutes. Sharpen your pencils and bring a calculator. 

More fun for kids

The goofball science podcast Wow in the World is packed with as much comedy as information. Hosted by Mindy, a klutz with a time machine, and Guy, her uptight foil, Wow in the World takes on serious scientific inquiries and makes learning fun—even for parents. (After all, the podcast is from NPR.) The expanding cast of silly characters, led by Reggie the carrier pigeon, keeps the episodes fresh. A few listens and your kiddo will want to be a Wowzer, too.

The beloved Curlee Girlee book series is a celebration of determination and uniqueness. It works to keep young children in a positive mindset, and its podcast gives parents a sneak peek into "Crackin' the Kid Code." Author Atara Twersky teams up with Grace Cross of The Baby Spot to interview experts and celebrities on ways they can keep their kiddos feeling empowered. Don't forget to order the second Curlee Girlee's Got Talent book, which hits shelves Nov 26, 2019!


Perfect for the budding feminists in your life, Girl Tales is a podcast that reimagines beloved fairytales through an empowering lense. Don't expect a damsel in distress here! 

Perfect for curious kids (8+) who aren't afraid to turn off their nighlight, Unspookable offers a family-friendly take on popular urban legends, scary stories and myths (think clowns, vampires and other topics that'll give 'em the heebiejeebies). Whether your littles are camp-bound or in the Halloween spirit 24/7/365, this is the perfect podcast for budding horror fans. Be sure to tune in this April for the new fourth season! 


A debate show for kids and families from the makers of Brains On!, Smash Boom Best takes two ideas, smashes them together and lets you decide which one is best. It teaches critical thinking, and how to take oppositional viewpoints. It also is a lot of fun. Past topics include Aliens vs Robots, Pizza vs Tacos and Invisibilty vs Flying.

Indoctrinate your tykes with this weekly playlist of “indie music for indie kids.” Not only will children enjoy starting the day listening to music made for kids, but parents will be delighted to discover that age-appropriate tracks from some of their favorite bands routinely make the cut. Why not off start the day (dancing) on the right foot?


If you have a budding scientist on your hands then Tumble is an absolute must. Experts in the field stop by to discuss their own work, uncover phenomenons and ask questions that will inspire curious minds. This podcast will make your kids fall in love with science.

Five Minutes with Dad is not unlike the conversations that happen in your family. You'll love how this pop and his two kids tackle everyday issues, from staying positive in school, to losing a tooth, to showing appreciation for your relatives. The hosts are as charming as they are relatable.


Here's how Story Pirates works: Kids supply the ideas and the characters, then sketch comedians bring the tales to life. While the stories are good and silly, the performances are terrific fun.  Even better? You can also see their live shows on stage in NYC and around the country! 

Imagine the Rocky & Bullwinkle Show crossed with Nova and told like an olde-timey radio show and you have the Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd. it follows the journeys of the kind Dr. Floyd and the wicked Dr. Steve. The two are always at odds as they lead listeners on adventures that cover history, geography and science—a fun and unique way to spice up school subjects.



Do your kiddies have a burning question? Perfect! Send 'em in! Brains On! finds a different expert for each episode who will address tots' curiosity. Anything from animal farts (yuck) to narwhals have been covered! 

Take a sci-fi trip with Finn Caspian, his friends and their pet robots as their hurl through space aboard the Famous Marlowe 280 Interplanetary Exploratory Space Station. Kids will follow their misadventures as they explore strange planets, meet aliens and gather feedback from listeners on where their intergalactic journey should take them next.


Storyteller Eric James O'Keefe turns kids' questions into wacky scenarios in What If World, so if your tots are inquisitive, send in their question and let the fun unfold from there! 

When eyelids get heavy, tuck the kids into bed and select the perfect adventure on Story Time. These 20-minute-long podcast episodes are perfect for the end of the day, and are split up according to age brackets. 


Older children who still want to hear a great story before drifting off to sleep will enjoy this storytelling podcast. Not only will they discover original tales and timeless classics, but they’ll also learn new vocabulary and cut back on screen time right before bed.

Everyone need to feel calm and zen. Thanks to Peace Out, youngsters can tackle the subject of mindfulness as they're guided through activities, relaxing stories and breathing techniques. 


When it’s time to boogie, start up this musical show for fun tunes that’ll have kids shaking out the sillies. Each playlist contains two hours of music, which is also perfect come birthday party time.

With a touch of humor and a helping of curiosity, Short & Curly focuses on ethics while exploring topics in pop culture, tech and everyday life. Some previous episodes include, "Was Robin Hood right? Should you rob the rich to help the poor?" and "What's the point of a school uniform?"


Wind down at the end of the night by tucking in, turning on the nightlight, grabbing a teddy and listening to original content from Little Stories for Tiny People. Think of this podcast as a bedtime story in audio form

Tweens looking for new books to add to their collection will find new ones to dive into after listening in on this biweekly podcast. They’ll hear other kids chatting about a great story, along with other literary recommendations and celeb guests who will read an excerpt from the week’s chosen title.


Calling all fans of Stranger Things—this one's for you! This Peabody Award-winning podcast that's appropriate for middle-grade students uses a cast of actual middle school kids to tell the tale of an 11-year-old boy who goes off in search of his missing buddies. The series wrapped up in 2019, but if you're new to it start from the beginning!

Adorable nine-year-old Eva Karpman and her mom Olga interview celebrities, entrepreneurs, award-winners and experts in a variety of industries to answer questions and encourage kids to dream big.


It's storytime all the time. Circle Round takes folk stories from across the world and adapts them to a modern tale for little listeners. Get ready to swoon: This podcast has recorded with Stranger Things star Noah Schnapp, among other notable entertainers, so you know you're going to be in good company. 

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