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The funniest parenting fails from NYC families (August 6)

Sometimes, we're bad moms and dads, okay? Laugh now and (definitely) deny it later. Seriously, nobody's perfect.

Between idyllic trips to NYC's 25 best playgrounds in New York City, exploring amazing museum exhibits for kids and enjoying family lunches at your favorite family restaurants, life can be less than picture-perfect. Let's be real-even the best moms and dads make a mistake now and then! See our favorite funny fails from parents around the city.


"I keep forgetting to buy more hair detangler, so the kids haven't had a bath for days..." —Lisa, Manhattan


"My daughter figured out how to use the shredder in our home office. She learned using my tax returns." —Kimberly, Bronx


"Sometimes the kids still ask to visit our cat Rocky that we "sent away to live on a farm." Rocky is buried in the backyard. —Erin, Queens


"I packed a two-piece swimsuit when my daughter went to our church's summer camp and the counselors made her wear an XL T-shirt over it all week." —Lucy, Manhattan


"My husband was watching the kids while I took a nap (or so I thought). When I woke up, my toes were covered with glitter glue." —Desiree, Brooklyn


"Our son got detention for rubbing mud on a kid's Mets shirt. We may have taken our Yankees devotion a bit too far." —Jennifer, Bronx


"My kid ripped a huge fart in class, then told his teacher he 'only did it because that's what Dad does.'" —Elena, Queens


"I gave my kid a stomp rocket. He promptly nailed himself in the face with it." —Kelsey, Brooklyn


"Rented a movie and got the kids a treat for when the sitter was over—supersize red Slurpees. Our youngest threw his up and stained our toilet." —Amanda, Bronx


"I accidentally locked myself in the bathroom with my toddler alone in the living room. I freaked and kicked down my own door." —Callie, Brooklyn