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The funniest parenting fails from NYC families (July 2)

Sometimes, we're bad moms and dads, okay? Laugh now and deny it later


"Totally used my toddler to skip the bathroom line at Starbucks. Then she yelled, "I don't have to pee!" —Anji, Brooklyn


"We accidentally washed our kids' hair with dog shampoo." —Sharon, Manhattan


"My husband and I put a picnic blanket down (apparently in a patch of poison ivy), and we all got it, including the kids." —Devon, Queens


"I beat my son's high score on Candy Crush. If looks could kill..." —Maureen, Manhattan


"My three-year-old found fuzzy handcuffs in our dresser (oops) and then went to ask Grandpa (my dad) what they were for." —Ana, Brooklyn


"I built the worst fort ever." —Rob, Staten Island


"We collected shells at the beach. When we broke them out at home, we realized one had something alive in it...and it def died in my suitcase." —Rhonda, Queens


"I didn't cut the crust off my first grader's sandwich, rendering it "inedible" at lunchtime." —Colette, Brooklyn


"Told my son to occupy himself while I finished work. He did that by spinning around until he fell and split his chin open." —Julia, Manhattan


"We got Molly (our daughter) a doll for her bday. We thought she loved it until we realized the doll is the reason she's refused to sleep in her own room lately." —Beth, Brooklyn

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