The funniest parenting fails from NYC families (June 11)

Sometimes, we're bad moms and dads, okay? Laugh now and deny it later
"I hid chocolate pudding in the back of the fridge. My kid climbed INTO the fridge to pull it out and broke the shelf." —Adrianna, Queens
"I rammed my daughter into an old lady while helping her on her kiddie scooter." —Leo, Brooklyn
"We let our six-year-old watch Rent. She then told her class that she'd seen "the voice of Elsa's butt" [Idina Menzel's butt]" —Simone, Manhattan
"I gave my daughter the green popsicle instead of the red one. The injustice!" —Maggie, Bronx
"I ate a whole box of cookies I bought for my son. Then I pretended I never bought them." —Jen, Brooklyn
"I gave my 1-year-old a lemon slice because I knew she would have a funny reaction. As payback, she refused to let me feed her dinner." —Kathryn, Queens
"Daddy was in charge of getting the kids to school. They got there...two hours late." —Jasmine, Staten Island
"One daughter begged for a cat and the other wanted a dog. We settled on a hamster...that promptly croaked for no apparent reason." —Marcus, Bronx
"We thought building bunk beds would make life easier for our kids who share a room. Now they just fight over who gets top bunk." —Leah, Manhattan
"I tried to make a fort for my kids in the living room based on this Pinterest tutorial and failed miserably." —Kim, Brooklyn

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