The funniest parenting fails from NYC families (June 4)

Sometimes, we're bad moms and dads, okay? Laugh now and deny it later
"I left the vacuum running (it helps our infant fall asleep) and it burned a hole in the carpet." —Aryn, Queens
"Accidentally sang the real lyrics to a Kidz Bop song—my daughter immediately corrected me." —Marlene, Brooklyn
"Put pepper jelly on Maya's PB&J sandwich by mistake. I blame "baby brain." —Alicia, Manhattan
"Put my five-year-old on a time out in the kitchen and he 'painted' the floor with vegetable oil." —James, Staten Island
"Didn't realize the cake I bought for my son's birthday was an ice cream cake. It melted all over the fridge." —Shelly, Bronx
"I took my kids to the Bronx Zoo as a reward for good grades. We got there late and it had already closed." —Ian, Manhattan
"After I took away Liam's pacifier I found him chewing on one of the dog's toys." —Alex, Brooklyn
"I got distracted during a game of hide-and-seek (for like 30 mins) and found my daughter asleep in her hiding spot." —Melanie, Bronx
"I told my kids there were fire ants in the park sandbox to avoid giving them another bath." —Steve, Queens
"Forgot to pay our babysitter three times in a row. She was too polite to ask and her mother had to remind me." —Suzie, Staten Island

Between idyllic trips to NYC's 25 best playgrounds in New York City, exploring amazing museum exhibits for kids and enjoying family lunches at your favorite family restaurants, life can be less than picture-perfect. Let's be real-even the best moms and dads make a mistake now and then! See our favorite funny fails from parents around the city.


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