The funniest parenting fails from NYC families (May 21)

Sometimes, we're bad moms and dads, okay? Laugh now and deny it later

 (Photograph: Lauren Spinelli)
Photograph: Lauren Spinelli"I forgot my kid's blankey at Nanna's and my daughter told me she would never sleep again." —Melinda, Brooklyn
 (Photograph: Lauren Spinelli)
Photograph: Lauren Spinelli"Caught the kids gnawing on nearly fossilized French fries they found in the backseat of the car." —Alan, Staten Island
 (Photograph: Lauren Spinelli)
Photograph: Lauren Spinelli"I showed my daughter what happens when you touch an ice cube with wet hands. She immediately started bawling." —Shelly, Staten Island
 (Photograph: Lauren Spinelli)
Photograph: Lauren Spinelli"Gave my iPhone to my preschooler as a distraction and she somehow managed to FaceTime my boss." —Yasmine, Manhattan
 (Photograph: Lauren Spinelli)
Photograph: Lauren Spinelli"After getting her face painted at a street fair, my daughter Lily asks for cat whiskers on the regular." —Leslie, Queens
 (Photograph: Lauren Spinelli)
Photograph: Lauren Spinelli"Took pictures of the kids in front of the polar bear tank at the zoo and noticed later that my son was licking the glass." —Jeremy, Manhattan
 (Photograph: Lauren Spinelli)
Photograph: Lauren Spinelli"I tried to catch a foul ball at a Yankees game and spilled a whole beer on my five-year-old's head!" —Craig, Manhattan
 (Photograph: Lauren Spinelli)
Photograph: Lauren Spinelli"We let the kids see "Return of the Jedi" with us. Now they have nightmares about 'Jabba the Butt.'" —Nikki, Brooklyn
 (Photograph: Lauren Spinelli)
Photograph: Lauren Spinelli"Realized I forgot to put a diaper on my two-year-old when she had an accident on the way to daycare...all over her car seat." —Caroline, Queens
 (Photograph: Lauren Spinelli)
Photograph: Lauren Spinelli"I had a Hawaiian-themed 30th birthday, and now my five-year-old son tells everyone he got Lei'ed..." —Maria, Bronx

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