The funniest parenting fails from NYC families (May 7)

Sometimes, we're bad moms and dads, okay? Laugh now and deny it later

 (Photograph: Lauren Spinelli)
Photograph: Lauren Spinelli"Forgot to do the sniff test and poured rank milk into my daughter's cereal. She was not happy!" —Mary Leigh, Queens
 (Photograph: Lauren Spinelli)
Photograph: Lauren Spinelli"Apparently we eat takeout too much, because our three-year-old asked me why we were cooking and not getting seamless." —Rebecca, Brooklyn
 (Photograph: Lauren Spinelli)
Photograph: Lauren Spinelli"My son declared that he was dropping out of 1st grade because he can 'learn everything from video games.'" —Janet, Manhattan
 (Photograph: Lauren Spinelli)
Photograph: Lauren Spinelli"My husband told my kids that they couldn't have sugary waffles for I shoved a cookie in my mouth. #thinmintsalltheway" —Ashley, Brooklyn
 (Photograph: Lauren Spinelli)
Photograph: Lauren Spinelli"I composted my son's ancient fruit snacks and he cried hysterically." —Evan, Queens
 (Photograph: Lauren Spinelli)
Photograph: Lauren Spinelli"I left a poopy diaper on the bathroom floor. My dog dragged it across the house and behind the couch." —Stephanie, Brooklyn 
 (Photograph: Lauren Spinelli)
Photograph: Lauren Spinelli"My kids sleep in bed with us (I'm a pushover). As a result, I'm averaging about six hours sleep with tiny feet in my face." —Diana, Manhattan
 (Photograph: Lauren Spinelli)
Photograph: Lauren Spinelli"I couldn't answer my fourth grader's long division question..." —Tatiana, Manhattan
 (Photograph: Lauren Spinelli)
Photograph: Lauren Spinelli"My five-year-old's Barbie is now slathered in $200 eye cream because I left it in the bathroom. FML." —Barbara, Manhattan
 (Photograph: Lauren Spinelli)
Photograph: Lauren Spinelli"Walked in on my daughter trying to make a twerking video for Instagram." —Tamara, Queens

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