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The funniest parenting fails from NYC families (Nov 19)

Sometimes, we're bad moms and dads, okay? Laugh now and (definitely) deny it later. Seriously, nobody's perfect.

Between idyllic trips to NYC's 25 best playgrounds in New York City, exploring amazing museum exhibits for kids and enjoying family lunches at your favorite family restaurants, life can be less than picture-perfect. Let's be real-even the best moms and dads make a mistake now and then! See our favorite funny fails from parents around the city.


"Accidentally gave my kids grapes with seeds in them and the world ended." —Courtney, Brooklyn


"My daughter came home from her father's house singing "B*tch better have my money." —Taylor, Manhattan


"Took me way too long to notice that my four-year-old switched the TV from Nick Jr. to American Horror Story." —Quincy, Brooklyn


"Let my son open his LEGO set on the train and some went flying. He blamed me." —Jett, Brooklyn


"I handed my daughter my keys to keep her busy. She accidentally dropped them down a storm drain..." —Andres, Manhattan


"I removed the spinach leaves from my kid's salad. Except for one. And she cried." —Julianna, Queens


"I asked my teenager to read a new text to me while I was driving. It was a sext from her dad..." —Janice, Queens


"Told the sitter I'd be back late because of a small emergency...I got a manicure. #badmommy" —Hazel Ann, Staten Island


"Completely forgot to buy Easter candy, so I filled plastic eggs with chocolate chips from our baking cabinet." —Ernest, Manhattan


"My daughter said she was sick. I thought she was faking and sent her to school anyway. She barfed." —Susanna, Staten Island