The funniest parenting fails from NYC families (Oct 15)

Sometimes, we're bad moms and dads, okay? Laugh now and (definitely) deny it later. Seriously, nobody's perfect.

Between idyllic trips to NYC's 25 best playgrounds in New York City, exploring amazing museum exhibits for kids and enjoying family lunches at your favorite family restaurants, life can be less than picture-perfect. Let's be real-even the best moms and dads make a mistake now and then! See our favorite funny fails from parents around the city.

"My toddler spilled my hot cider all over my new cashmere and I totally freaked. He cried because I scared him." —Linda, Manhattan

"I sh*t-talked my kid's friend's mom when she was standing right behind me." —Danielle, Bronx


"In his determination to find "the Pizza Rat" my son purposely dropped his slice on the sidewalk. I should have explained the video better." —Courtney, Brooklyn

"We were distracted by an episode of Scandal and only snapped back when my toddler unplugged the TV. We're A-holes." —Grace, Manhattan


"I pumped my son up about getting glasses, then my husband said something stupid at the eye doctor and now he's dreading it." —Clare, Brooklyn

"I selfishly set up a play date for my daughter and a girl she's sort of meh about (I'm friends with her mom.) It ended in tears and us leaving early." —Vivienne, Queens


"Challenged my son to a hot pepper eating contest, won, and had zero remorse...until he threw it all up." —Chelsea, Staten Island

"I packed my seven-year-old's gym clothes and sent him to school with his dad's shorts by mistake." —Sarah, Bronx


"I remembered just ten minutes before bedtime that my kids both had worksheets and reading due the next day." —Chloe, Manhattan

"I actually defended myself while playing knights with my son and now his styrofoam sword is no more." —Kelly, Brooklyn

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