Wild Wednesday

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WIld Wednesdays
Wild Wednesdays
This weekly program at the park's 14th Street Passage teaches little ones about a different nature-related topic each month, focusing in on a particular aspect of that theme every week. July's theme is the life cycle of plants, and attendees will explore roots one week, then stems, leaves, and flowers in following weeks, while August's explores the life cycle of a butterfly. Kids will help raise the crawly creatures from start to finish, starting with the caterpillar stage (8/7), followed by chrysalis (8/14), wings (8/21) and finally, a make-your-own wings craft followed by a big parade down the park to celebrate the release of the butterflies (8/28). Ages 4 and up, with caregiver.


Event phone: 212-206-9922
Event website: http://thehighline.org