Winter Elephant Sales and Tales

Things to do
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Workshops, dance performances, and holiday shopping await at the Winter Elephant Sales and Tales event at Navatman Studios. Kick off the day with a dance performance (11am–noon), then catch a puppet show from professional puppeteers Alex Young and Norah Solorzano. Afterward, kids can learn how to make their own shadow puppets (1–2pm), which they can use at the next workshop where they'll help act out the stories of Ganesha the Hindu elephant diety. Wrap up the day with a performance (2:30–3:30pm) and encore where the kids will showcase what they've learned. Stalls selling food, clothes, jewelery, beverages, henna and face painting will be open throughout the day. Reservations for each workshop or performance are required. All ages.


Event phone: 212-564-4895
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