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Working from home? NYC mommy bloggers share their tips

Stuck inside? These influencers will help you keep your sanity while working from home with the kiddos.

Written by
Danielle Valente

Let's face it: This hasn't exactly been an easy week. 

Between dealing with the uncertainty of the coronavirus and adjusting to life at home, New Yorkers have had a lot on their plates. Yes, it's overwhelming, and yes it might feel as though we're starring in a sci-fi movie, but there is a way to navigate our new (temporary) reality. 

NYC's best mommy bloggers are sharing their words of wisdom for those of us who are working from home with the kiddos in tow. It might be an adjustment, to say the least, but it can be done.  

Here's the advice, straight from the pros.  

Brianne Manz: Stroller in the City

I am trying to wake up an hour earlier than they do to try and answer emails. I have found an amazing story time resource online, so while they are listening to books, I am able to have a conference call, write a post or food shop online!

I am also on a chain email with three close friends and our uplifting texts to each other everyday are definitely helping the time pass.

Ilana Wiles: Mommy Shorts

I'm finding working from home with school aged children even more challenging than when they were babies. There is no nap time, tons more meal prep and so much bickering between them. I am trying to both entertain and teach my two girls (at two different grade levels), all while getting my job done.

There's also pressure to make special memories right now. The silver lining is that there is tons of time to connect and spend time together, but that's not easy to do when you are also trying to maintain your business. I feel like we are all expected to be super mom right now!

We start every day with a schedule, but it usually gets derailed at some point. My new rule is: If you can play nicely, you can continue. If you start fighting, you have to go back to my schedule!

Kimberly Coleman: Mom in the City

I have worked at home for the last 15+ years. If I could give just one piece of advice, it would be establish (and stick to) a routine. Your kids are familiar with having structured days. It can be a little "looser" at home, but structure is still important for them...and you!

I am reminding myself to enjoy this bonus time with my sons as much as possible. Since their schools are supposed to start offering remote learning next week, my husband (a teacher) and I are just having them review what they have learned so far this school year for a couple of hours a day. The majority of the time will be spent on them doing enjoyable things that they don't always have the time to do (like puzzles).

Over the next month, they will have weekly "helper" projects - helping those impacted by this new coronavirus reality as well as helping their parents with cooking and cleaning. Daily workouts and creativity projects are also planned.

Rhianon Hoffman: Brooklyn BoyMom

SCHEDULE! I cannot even say it enough—and I HATE schedules—however, I have four boys that really love their routine, so they need to know exactly what's coming next and when it's coming. How do we manage this? I set up the schedule with general categories so that we can be flexible; learn, move, snack, play, create, clean, screen, eat and QUIET.

I've never had to be so organized in my entire life, but creating this structure has been a life saver. If we didn't have it, I'm sure it would be Fight Club here every day. Also, this way, if they ask what we're doing next or if they can have a snack, all I need to say is, "look at the schedule." I may not be able to get big chunks of work done these days (because, four boys. See also: Fight Club), but at least we have a rhythm that we can all depend on."

For more ways to keep your kids occupied at home, check out these virtual museum tours, storytimes and DIY projects. Stay safe, New Yorkers! 

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