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Top summer art shows in NYC

Check out our handy guide to the best art shows heating up New York City’s galleries and museums this June and July

Photograph: J. Geleyns

Summer was once considered the sleepy season for New York’s art world, but no longer as The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art, the Guggeheim and the Whitney Museum of American Art roll out some of their biggest shows of the year. Likewise, the gallery scene is keeping busy with hot shows from Chelsea to the Upper East Side. To see what’s cooking artwise as the weather heats up, we offer our picks for the top summer art shows in New York City.

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Top summer art shows in NYC


Richard Gerstl

A small oeuvre (only 90 pieces in all) and an early death may account for why early-20th-century Austrian Expressionist Richard Gerstl (1883-1908) is not as well known as his contemporaries Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele. This show, the artist first museum retrospective in the United States, showcases his groundbreaking style with 55 examples of his portraits and landscapes.

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Neue Galerie New York , Upper East Side Thursday June 29 2017 - Monday September 25 2017

“Mystical Symbolism: The Salon de la Rose+Croix in Paris, 1892–1897”

With its dreamlike and visionary imagery, Symbolism is often cited as being a precursor to Surrealism. But while the Surrealists trafficked in the temporal and psychological discordances of modern life, Symbolists latched onto mythological and mystical subject matter from the past. This exhibition looks back at a series of Symbolist salons that were organized between 1892 and 1897 by Joséphin Péladan, an author, critic and Rosicrucian whose own fascination with mysticism informed his shows.

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Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum , Upper East Side Friday June 30 2017 - Wednesday October 4 2017

“Hélio Oiticica: To Organize Delirium”

A Brazilian artist who pioneered interactive art during the 1970s, Hélio Oiticica, spent his formative years in New York, starting out as geometric abstractionist whose paintings evolved into sensually immersive three-dimensional installations that relied on viewer participation. This is the first U.S. retrospective of his work.

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Whitney Museum of American Art , Meatpacking District Friday July 14 2017 - Sunday October 1 2017

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By: Howard Halle