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The Feed first look: The Butterfly

Master mixologist Eben Freeman is behind the bar at this new supper club, from Michael White.

 (Photograph: Noah Fecks)
Photograph: Noah Fecks
Brandy old-fashioned at the Butterfly
 (Photograph: Nicole Franzen)
Photograph: Nicole Franzen
Mai tai at the Butterfly
 (Photograph: Melissa Hom)
Photograph: Melissa Hom
Highball at the Butterfly
 (Photograph: Noah Fecks)
Photograph: Noah Fecks
Grasshopper at the Butterfly
 (Photograph: Noah Fecks)
Photograph: Noah Fecks
Chocolate cake at the Butterfly
Empire builder Michael White seems to be in a nostalgic mode as of late. His last opening, gilded steakhouseCostata, marked his return to the space of his first NYC restaurant, Fiamma. And hot on its heels, this Friday, White debuts his sixth Gotham venue, the Butterfly, named after a Wisconsin restaurant where he worked as a youth. The cocktailcentric supper club will showcase the heady creations of master mixologist Eben Freeman (also the restaurant group’s director of bar operations and innovation) at a 13-seat bar, backed by a wooden wall cut to resemble open butterfly wings and a shadow-box mirror. Choose from original and midcentury concoctions, like the crème de menthe–based grasshopper and the brandy old-fashioned. Booze-friendly bar bites also riff on classics, with comforting dishes like bratwurst sliders, a patty melt and ricotta ravioli with pork ragù. 225 West Broadway at White St (646-692-4943)



I was very eager to try a Grasshopper, after reading Time Out's recommendation, but I felt so disappointed when my drink arrived, consisting of a mound of ice and only the slightest bit of liquor. There was so much ice that I could not drink it without having little round ice cubes spilling all over the counter -- so much so that they handed me a straw ! A fellow patron ordered one and his came full of liquid with ice on top, mine was full of ice with ice on top...for $16 no less.