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Photograph: Courtesy CC/Flickr/pat_ossa

15 texts that will send a shiver down any New Yorker's spine

By Tolly Wright

Whether you're rushing from work to happy hour or spending the day exploring the city, there are some text messages that will stop you in your tracks and make you want to scream, cry or run around in terror. Whether you have FOMO or just a fear of pizza rat moving into your apartment, these texts will leave you shaking in your boots.

1. "The lease renewal came. It's as we feared."

2. "Can we meet in Times Square?"

3. "The bodega cat is nowhere to be found."

4. "Remember our first date? That place is a Starbucks now."

5. "The landlord put an alarm on the roof door. There goes our sun deck."

6. "Dude, the line is longer than the ones for Cronuts and Shake Shack combined."

7. "Hey, roomie, I don't think those bumps were from a mosquito after all."

8. "Guess who's moving to L.A.?"

9. "They ended their bottomless brunch deal."

10. "You need a car to get there."

11. "Just take the train to the last stop."

12. "That hot bartender quit. He works in some office now."

13. "We're going somewhere Uber refuses to drive to."

14. "I think there's a rat harem thriving under our kitchen sink." 

15. "The L is F'd."


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