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Photograph: Courtesy CC/Flickr/Michael Semensohn

19 hours from the last four months we’d like to lose this daylight saving time

By Time Out contributors

Daylight saving time officially begins this Sunday at 2am when we magically lose an hour and spring straight ahead to 3am. Where does that hour go? No one knows. Maybe wherever those accountants from the Oscars are hiding. It does seem logical to assume, however, that every person can make their own personal choice as to which hour (since the last DST ended on November 6) they’d like to to make instantly non-existent this weekend. In no particular order, here are ours. 

1. The hour I waited for the Black Tap unicorn milkshake and was then only able to eat three bites of it.

2. The hour I spent watching that pregnant giraffe livestream.

3. The hour I spent trying to buy five groceries at the Union Square Trader Joe’s.

4. The hour I spent stuck underground on a 7 train waiting for someone to crack.

5. The hour I spent waiting for a late-night Seamless order only to pass out before it got there.

6. The many hours I’ve spent entering the Hamilton lottery and never winning.

7. The hours I spend doing dishes by hand because dishwashers are imaginary here.

8. The countless hours I’ve spent trying to find the beginning of the line at Pret a Manger.

9. The never-ending hours I’ve spent traveling between Williamsburg and Astoria to visit my BF.

10. The hour I spent waiting in line for a bus ticket at Port Authority on Christmas Eve.

11. The hour I spent trying to reserve a spot at that Taco Bell Speakeasy in Noho. (RIP)

12. The hour I spent killing my thighs trying to get over the Williamsburg bridge on a Citi Bike.

13. The hour I spent shopping for new snow boots to then only using them twice so far.

14. The hour I spent eating dinner at that barely Harry Potter-themed pasta restaurant.

15. The hours I’ve spent applying to affordable housing lotteries even though I know the odds. I know the odds.

16. The hour I spent unsuccessfully trying to ice skate in Bryant Park.

17. The hour I spent watching La La Land at the Regal Union Square before walking out of La La Land after an hour.

18. The hour I spent trying to understand Supreme-branded MetroCards.

19. The hour I spent playing Pokémon Go.


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