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25 things you will miss when you leave New York

By Marcia Gagliardi

I can’t believe my six months are already over as Time Out New York’s winner of the Ultimate New York Life competition! It has been a life-changing experience for this San Franciscan—I’m going to be bicoastal now, New York got its meaty hooks in me! But as I head back to foggy San Francisco for a bit, here are the things I’ll miss most about New York.

1. Slices of New York pizza everywhere and available at all times, but especially Joe’s Pizza (a slice of their pepperoni hot out of the oven at 3am is a very special kind of magic).

2. Being able to get around all over the damn place for $2.75. And witness some great #subwaylookz while you’re at it.

3. On that note, taking the train to the beach is a rather amazing thing. I love having the LIRR as my designated driver for Sunday Funday.

4. I also can’t believe how much reading I get done on the train each week. New Yorker, New York magazine, TIME OUT NEW YORK, check, check, check!

5. Egg on a roll. Bodega BEC. Whatever you like to call it, those things have saved me so many rough mornings that I need to create a shrine to them. Thanks for always having my back, BEC.

6. 4am last call. It’s wonderful and terrible at the same time (San Francisco is at 2am, which is just terrible and so boring).

7. The diversity. It’s a big reason why I love the train—everyone from everywhere, all over da place.

8. And how about all the boroughs and neighborhoods? Beyond. Can’t believe how many different kinds of food I had during a day trip to Elmhurst and Jackson Heights. Walk two blocks and you hear 10 languages.

9. Jaywalking with abandon. Hey, you gotta get to where you’re going.

10. All the beautiful buildings. I feel like an owl with my head swiveling around all the time. I’ll miss the glow of the Chrysler Building at night.

11. All the variations of cold things to eat and drink, like frozen cocktails and iced coffees and matcha frappés. Cold noodles. Thank you, for all of it, because I need it.

12. Bagels, yo! I have made pilgrimages to Barney Greengrass, Russ & Daughters, Sadelle’s, Baz Bagel, Zucker’s, Black Seed Bagels… Just need to hit Absolute Bagels and Kossar’s for a bialy before leaving town.

13. Warm nights. Being able to leave the house and run around the city without a sweater is a San Franciscan’s dream. (I still keep waiting for some sneaky wind to show up at 5pm.)

14. Having a doorman. It’s kind of amazing. Especially when your Ritz Plaza doorman Rob yells, “Go get ’em, baby!” at you every day in the thickest New York accent evah.

15. Walking everywhere. You can hit your daily 10k steps before 5pm, no problem.

16. The deep history here. From the old buildings to the parks to old school bars to vintage barber shops—this place is steeped in so much nostalgia.

17. The art. The culcha. The shows. The galleries. The museums. Street art.

18. Taïm falafel. And the sabich! I still can’t believe I can have it delivered to my door.

19. The New York accents. Bronx, Staten Island, Lawn Guyland…I will miss hearing people tawk on the street, especially two big guys complaining about a girlfriend or coworker. Get outta heah!

20. The people. So much personality! Feisty. And New Yorkers are smart as hell. Helpful too. Love how proud they are to be a New Yorker, and share all their tips with you.

21. So. Many. Cocktails.

22. Exploring Central Park. From the white winter wonderland after the blizzard to visiting the new Hallett Nature Sanctuary during the first warm days of spring, that park is so gratuitously beautiful.

23. The fast pace, the energy, the hustle…this city so completely jives with my usual fifth gear mode. Shit is ON.

24. All the great music happening every night, from jazz at Smalls to DJ Harvey at Output, and epic New York parties, like 718 Sessions and Shelter. Seeing LCD Soundsystem’s comeback show at Webster Hall. WHAT.

25. Knowing everything going on in the city every week. Working at Time Out has had me so dialed. Thank you for the unforgettable adventure!


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