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A brand-new Target opens in midtown Manhattan next week

A brand-new Target opens in midtown Manhattan next week
Rendering: Courtesy Target

New Yorkers who pine for a taste of the suburbs are in luck. Next week, a new Target location will open its doors in midtown. It will be the third location of the big-box chain in Manhattan, joining stores in Harlem and Tribeca. The company plans on bringing at least four more stores to New York City over the next few years. 

The shiny new 43,000-square-foot space is located at 112 West 34th Street and will make its official grand opening at 7am on Friday, October 20. It comes with all of the features that Target fans have come to know and love, including the uncanny ability to make you blow your entire paycheck on candles. 

A new Target will open in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, next week as well, and there are currently plans to open up a new store in the East Village in 2018 and two more in Hell's Kitchen and Jackson Heights, Queens, in 2019.

The rapid expansion marks a big shift for the brand, which until recently did not have much of a presence in New York City. We're not complaining, though. Never before could midtown shoppers buy a scooter, a stereo system and a pack of Slim Jims in a single location.

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Gary Seven

Yep, just what we need-another soulless big box store where you can hit something made in China if you throw a rock in any direction, at the expense of smaller businesses owned by natives.   You're better than this, NYC.