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Photograph: Courtesy CC/Flickr/papatonepictures

Eight Halloween costumes that should be banned this year

Written by
Rebecca Fontana

If the recent global invasion of scary clowns isn’t enough to make you hate Halloween, then these costumes sure will. Get ready for one of the worst things about fall: grown-ups getting drunk in inappropriate costumes. Want to dress up as something both politically incorrect and slutty? Here you go—these are the eight costumes we’re hoping we won’t see this year (but probably will). Oh, and you can skip the Trump or Hillary mask—it’s such an obvious costume, and this election is already enough of a nightmare;

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1. Scary clown


Photograph: Courtesy Spirit Halloween

2. Kim Kardashian

Look, we are not above laughing at Kim Kardashian, but we admit to feeling the tiniest bit bad for her after the burglary in Paris. And anyway, how are you supposed to eat candy while your hands are tied?

Photograph: Courtesy

3. Ash Ketchum

Pokémon Go is SO two months ago.

Photograph: Courtesy

4. Disney’s Moana character

Um, Disney, dressing up as a nationality wasn’t okay when it was Native Americans and it’s still not cool now. 

Photograph: Courtesy

5. O.J. Simpson and Nicole Brown

Yes, they were the subject of our favorite TV show of 2016 (so far), but please don’t dress up as them. Even Cuba Gooding Jr. barely pulled it off.

Photograph: Courtesy eBay

6. Sexy poop emoji


Photograph: Courtesy Yandy

7. Sexy Harambe


8. Sexy Ken Bone

Hard pass.

Photograph: Courtesy Yandy

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