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Hannah and Adam tapped into some unfinished business on last night's Girls

By Christina Izzo

So, the gang knows—well, except for Ray and Shoshanna, who are MIA in "Full Disclosure." Hannah spent much of last night's episode dropping not only the news of her pregnancy but also her plan to withhold said news from the baby's father, the water-skiing, puka-shell–wearing Paul-Louis, all to varying degrees of support. 

Hannah's father Tad backs her decision to keep and solo-raise the baby, as does Marnie for the most part, albeit after she tries to top Hannah's life-changing news with word of Ray's dumping her and also judges Hannah for her faulty pull-out birth-control method. (Okay, Marnie has a point there.) Elijah, riding the apology train following his super-harsh criticism last episode, is also now on the support team, promising Hannah that he'll be in the child's life ("Our kid's gonna have great skin and be the right kind of slutty!"), even if he has no plans to pay for anything. 

Adam and Jessa, however, are more surprised than supportive. Hannah blurts out the news to a shocked Adam while he's hounding her to watch his "under 47 minutes" meta movie, titled Full Dis:closure. He wants to see if her vision of their past relationship aligns with his and believes the film will help her move on from their breakup, though Hannah says that her two-month bun in the oven is physical proof that she already has. (Brownie points to Adam Driver  for a truly hilarious reading of “Who’s the father? Is it...Jan’s?”)

Jessa hasn't entirely moved on from her breakup with Hannah, however, as evidenced by her stopping by Hannah's apartment to relay her hurt over hearing the baby news from Adam and not her "dear friend." It's putting a Band-Aid on a bullet hole of a friendship and, frankly, Hannah's not having any of her shit. Jessa has been a toxic character from day one and it actually shows a modicum of maturity that Hannah doesn't immediately accept her back into her good graces. This is progress, people. 

Alas, it doesn't end up being a whole lot of progress—after a failed call to Paul-Louis, Hannah gives in and watches Full Dis:closure. Despite a pornographic opening and pretty terrible screenwriting, Adam's movie hits some truthful, affecting beats about his relationship with Hannah. "If it hurts, you'll always remember," he says in the movie-within-a-show. Based on Hannah's moved face while watching it, he's not wrong. 

Our B-story this week involves—who else?—Marnie and Desi. Marnie booked the duo to play at a club birthday party in New Jersey for the "babely" best friend of her mother, Evie Michaels (a fringe-jacketed Rita Wilson). A deteriorating Desi shows up to the gig high and rambling about his past as a big-game photographer. Rather than not go on, however, Mama Michaels comes up with the not-so-brilliant idea that she will be Desi's guitar-strumming stand-in and thus, "The Michaels Sisters" are born.

Alas, Rita Wilson's folksy Kim Cattrall-level scatting doesn't go over too well with the heavily hairsprayed Jersey crowd. So far this season, most of the Girls characters have been taking good hard looks into their respective pasts, but last night, Marnie got a little sneak peek of her future and girl, it ain't pretty. 

Choice soundbites: 
"You're certainly not going to be the worst [mother]. Candy Spelling is still alive, so."–Elijah 

“Taking five. Then I’ll maybe kill myself or something, not sure”–Desi

“Hannah, how did this happen?”-Marnie
“How does anything happen? I went to the Hamptons!”–Hannah

Honorable mention:
Kudos to the writers for continuing to add to the great pantheon of gloriously terrible Marnie & Desi song titles. Last night's included “Whoa, Whoa, Wonderful,” “Song for Marcus Garvey” and “Coco Kelly Shelly.”


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