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Instagram blows up over Yayoi Kusama’s dotty makeover of Philip Johnson’s Glass House

It’s leaf-peeping season in NYC, which means people swarming through the parks in search of autumn foliage, and also taking quick jaunts outside the city to do the same. Like to New Canaan Connecticut, for example. This year, the trees up there aren’t the only things blossoming with fiery color. The town’s local modernist landmark—Philip Johnson's iconic Glass House—is suddenly sporting big red polka dots thanks to Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama.

They’re part of her installation, Dots Obsession–Alive, Seeking for Eternal Hope, which is on view until September 26. Kusama has covered the Glass House’s famously transparent facade with her signature dots, offering visitors “the unique experience to simultaneously see the world through the eyes of both Philip Johnson and Yayoi Kusama.”

Kusama’s installations are usually catnip for people posting on Instagram, and her work for the Glass House is no exception—as this round-up of Instagram images amply illustrates.  


dots...dots...dots...#theglasshousedotsobsession #yayoikusama #philipjohnson

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🔴🔴🔴#yayoikusama #pumpkin #polkadots #art #theglasshouse

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still seeing spots #theglasshousedotsobsession - thank you @meltingbutterdotcom and @pjglasshouse for having us!

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