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Study shows New York is the most expensive city in the country for pet owners

Written by
Helen Dugan

Once upon a much simpler time, we poor young people wanted pets because they were actually affordable. A nice place to live? Finding human companionship? Seeing Beyonce live? Everything else we want is either too expensive, impossible, or both. A pet was like a less-of-a-responsibility child that any newly independent 20-something could adopt and nurture to feel like a quasi-adult. Unfortunately, that time has passed. It turns out getting that dream Cocker Spaniel named Penny might just cost you a pretty one. 

Today, financial advising website WalletHub published their study of 2017's 100 best U.S. cities for pet ownership. New York City ranked incredibly low at number 97—besting only Honolulu, Baltimore, and Newark. But when you break down the metrics, it turns out NYC actually isn't all that bad for pet owners, it's just damn expensive.

The study's criteria for "pet-friendly" locations involved ranking each city on 21 different marks, including number of veterinarians or pet-welcoming restaurants per-capita and walkability. NYC actually ranked in the top 10 for "outdoor pet-friendliness," being in the top five for most dog parks per capita, and the top three for most pet businesses per capita. Sadly, the city also ranks in the top five for highest dog insurance premiums and highest veterinary care costs, making it the number one most-pricey spot in the "pet budget" list.

Looks like you'll have to pay through the nose for that Tabby you've been wanting—just like you will for everything else here. At least you'll have someone to eat Seamless leftovers with while you watch Game of Thrones on your parents’ HBO Go account with your neighbor's unprotected wifi.

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