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This new vintage shop in NYC sells Lisa Frank denim jackets

This new vintage shop in NYC sells Lisa Frank denim jackets
Photograph: Courtesy John Muggenborg

One of the best things to do in fall is to replenish your autumn wardrobe. And do you know what fashion staple we're all about for pumpkin-spice season? Statement jackets! 

A leather or denim jacket is basically a New Yorker's second-skin, but we love seeing stylish Gothamites give these simplistic outerwear staples some personality by adding cheeky patches, embroidered sayings and, if you would be so bold, glitter and sequins! 

No shop in New York understands the need to express yourself through a cold-weather protector than one of Manhattan's new vintage shops Spark Pretty (333 East 9th St). After the success of the store's '90's Forever pop-up this past May, its owners put down permanent roots in the East Village

In case it isn't obvious by the photograph above, shop owners Amanda Dolan and Meagan Colby describe the aesthetic of their store as “I Want My MTV” meets '80’s hair bands, crossed with the flash of '70’s glam-rock. We can dig it.

We're particularly loving the Lisa Frank denim jackets for sale, in addition to other rare vintage styles such as a crystal-encrusted, hand-painted Tony Alamo designer jean jacket. You'll also find other throwback apparel items including bellbottoms, studded skinny jeans, pins, patches and shoes. 

Best of all, the price points at this treasure trove seem pretty reasonable. For example, this 80s, hand-painted, studded and bedazzled jean jacket adorned with carousel horses and unicorns is going for $74! Yowza. The store opens to the public on September 27. 

Photographs: Courtesy John Muggenborg 



Margie O

Those jackets are 'tacky'- I have friends who are well known Graffiti Artist who create way better and amazing jackets.

Cinnamon W

@Margie O This is a brand revival from the 90's, it's not meant to rival Graf artists. It's for those of us who grew up in the 90's with our rainbows and unicorn covered loose leaf notebooks with bright "tacky" matching folders, pencils, erasers, stickers, etc from Lisa Frank.