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17 funny NYC podcasts that'll get you laughing

Your favorite stand-ups and improv stars talk pop culture, sex and more on these hilarious comedy podcasts.

Shaye Weaver
Written by
David Goldberg
Written by
Shaye Weaver

New Yorkers are some of the funniest people on the planet and thankfully some of them have decided to put their comedy on air for the whole world to hear. Sure, unsolved crime shows are intriguing and in-depth news coverage is needed, but sometimes we just need to listen to something funny to lighten the mental load.

Some of the funniest up-and-coming New York comedians—including Las Culturistas and Jessica Williams—are throwing down outrageous podcasts covering sex, politics, pop-culture and working in the entertainment industry. And because they're in NYC, you can catch performances of these podcasts at live comedy shows all around town. What are you waiting for? Embrace your new addictions. 

Best NYC comedy podcasts

What started as a weekly bitch session between Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang has become a reigning institution in NYC’s gay comedy scene and a way for comedians like Carly Ann Filbin and Cole Escola to talk about their artistic inspirations. The show comes alive at stage spectaculars based on the climactic one-minute rant “I Don’t Think So, Honey.” Hail to the queens.

Ostensibly, Sydnee Washington and Marie Faustin get together to interview experts on a range of topics: man buns, nannying, walks of shame. But most of the time, they cut each other to shreds with the prowess of skilled roasters, on air and onstage at their monthly gigs. Stay out of their line of fire.


The delightfully surly stand-up plays one delicious devil’s advocate in this dark podcast, in which Dillon and cohost Ray Kump take on touchy current affairs, cultural memes and conspiracy theories with fearless (and shameless) aplomb. Who would have guessed that our most poignant political commentator would be a gay Long Island loudmouth?

The deadly incisive duo Marcia Belsky and Rae Sanni boldly embrace “the final wave of feminism” with bracing callouts of politicians and celebrities. There’s no better bliss than hearing Sanni tell male policy makers that they “ain’t shit” in segments like #Crushmenmonday. Militancy has never sounded so dope.


"Ask Me Another" is an hour-long radio puzzle game show from WNYC and National Public Radio hosted by comedian Ophira Eisenberg and musician Jonathan Coulton. About four to five games based on puzzle topics, wordplay, and trivia, are played, interspersed by chatter, making for an all-around entertaining, educational and silly listen. Recording wrapped in 2021. 

The mark of a great interviewer is the intimacy she develops with her guests. That’s a cinch for the fearless Abby Feldman, who invites comics into her bathtub for honest conversations on sexual health, heritage and humor.


Multihyphenate stand-up and Mariah Carey expert Matteo Lane and delightful comic Emma Willmann share their slightly warped (and oddly touching) perspectives on relationships, coming out and human anatomy with other LGBTQ comics during this delightful gabfest. It’s worth it for the impressions alone.

This consistently savage and increasingly deranged satire show parodies the world of “women’s interest” magazines, lifestyle blogs and health industries with relentless aplomb. Abysmal hosts Quenn and Dikoda—conceived and voiced by the upsettingly committed Nicole Silverberg and Rachel Wenitsky, respectively—interview an endless series of crystal experts, pet psychics and new-age morons, played by favorites like Patti Harrison, Aaron Jackson and more.


Not every stand-up is a self-destructive mess. Become a believer of shining multihyphenate Kate Wolff. The healer, poet, tarot reader, mother and stand-up welcomes a wide variety of funny guests to talk about faith, spirituality, sex and more on her edgy, challenging series. 

Defend Your Movie

We can't wait until Farah Brook becomes America's head of media, censorship and mind control, but until then, we'll get our fix of her strong, confessional voice as she and comic Sean Donnelly discuss questionable film favorites with their funny buddies. Catch episodes like "Frank Liotti defends Jaws 2" and "Matteo Lane defends Hollow Man" for some insightful, curious conversations about enduring cinematic trash. The podcast ended in 2021.


Giving equal weight and attention to all manner of regrets—from bad subway behavior to scarring family scandals—Tracy Soren and Jessie Jolles give hilarious, thought-provoking and often healing advice to comics looking to get some baggage off their chests. It's a fully-rounded podcast experience. 

Ghosted Stories

Delightfully droll duo Erin Leafe and Chelsea White mine the endlessly renewable well of dating and romance stories with help from guest comics like Michelle Collins, Liz Magee, Mark Normand and others. What starts out as a victims’ circle for New Yorkers bruised by bad Tinder dates and after-gig hookups gone wrong soon becomes an hour of honesty on past mistakes, emotional manipulation and relationship fears.


The charming Vanessa Valerio speaks with bar crawlers, subway goons, comedians, performers, sex therapists and experts about the tragedies and triumphs that have befallen their sex and dating histories. Along the way, she collects some truly wild—and often touching—tales of connection and loss.


Queer storytelling pro-Tommy O’Malley and salty stand-up Keren Margolis would rather talk weed, politics and pop culture than get hired. Along with a rotating crew of stand-up buddies, O’Malley and Margolis create a world of foul-mouthed, unapologetic dialogue that’s sure to be equal parts vindicating and offensive. Who wouldn’t want to play hooky with these two? The podcast ended recording in 2018.


The hilarious power coven of Greta Titelman, Lo Bosworth and Jilly Hendrix dominate your Mondays with merciless words of wisdom on astrology, erectile dysfunction, female entrepreneurship, and other hot topics, with help from comics, professionals and moguls. Submit to their infinite wisdom. 


Medium Popcorn

Comedy Outliers’ Brandon Collins and UCB vet Justin Brown bring a deep geek affinity and incisive eye to a wide range of movies—from Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice to Birth of a Nation—in this raw, hilarious take on the Mystery Science Theater 3000 format.


The Mixed Reviews

Gavin Mevius and Luis Rendon go deep on the careers, hotness, problematic roles and style of stars like Diego Luna, Charlize Theron and Joan Crawford in this sharp gabfest among best friends. 

Looking for live comedy shows?

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