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Ryan Anthony
Photograph: Courtesy Juliana BojorquezRyan Anthony

The best personal trainers in NYC

Need a personal trainer? NYC is full of coaches who can whip you into shape, whether you want to bulk up or slim down.

Written by
Jordi Lippe-McGraw

Never used a personal trainer? NYC’s best coaches will convert you in no time. Because, be honest, even if you’ve signed up for the best gyms or bought a month's worth of outdoor fitness classes at your local boutique studio, you just can’t get yourself to go regularly. That’s where personal trainers come in. They’re those people who will make you get out of bed, put in a solid sweat session and help you see those results—ever if you’ve never even gone to fitness classes for beginners before. Luckily, the city is filled with tons of top trainers ready to help you prep for that next race or rediscover your long-lost muscles.

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Best personal trainers in NYC

To get ready for a race: Jonathan Cane
Photograph: Courtesy J. Geoffrey Badner

1. To get ready for a race: Jonathan Cane

If you're serious about winning that next road race or even tackling a multisport competition, you need a top-notch coach (not just a trainer). Coach Jonathan Cane works with athletes with a range of abilities to get them race-ready for a variety of competitions, and he's even coached several people all the way to the world championships in the triathlon. $125 per hour or $200 per month for customized weekly online training program. (718-832-2453,

For achieving that perfect booty: Ryan Anthony
Photograph: Shutterstock

2. For achieving that perfect booty: Ryan Anthony

Let’s face it, butts are in. And to get that perfect behind, there’s only one man you should turn to: Ryan Anthony. Known as the glute whisperer, this Tier 3 Equinox personal trainer has toned and tightened many of New York City’s bums, and his butt challenges have become famous. $130 per hour. Equinox Soho, 69 Prince St (212-334-4631,

For getting a six-pack: Elysia Cronheim
Photograph: Courtesy City Challenge Obstacle Race

3. For getting a six-pack: Elysia Cronheim

Coming from a background in competitive sports, stunts and film, Elysia Cronheim doesn’t waste any time—and that’s especially true when it comes to sculpting a six-pack. The New York Health and Racquet Club trainer goes beyond the standard crunches and uses a combo of high-intensity interval training, weight training and dynamic movement to get you those washboard abs. $240 for introductory training package. The New York Health and Racquet Club, various locations (

To get in fighting shape: Rob Piela
Photograph: Courtesy Gotham G-Box

4. To get in fighting shape: Rob Piela

Did you see those summer Olympics boxers’ bodies? If you want to look like you belong on their team, hit up Rob Piela of Gotham Gym and Gotham G-Box. A former pro-boxer himself, Piela has been training some of the best bodies in the business, like Kendall Jenner, Cara Delevingne, Bradley Cooper and Hugh Jackman, for over 20 years. He’ll teach you how to throw a good punch while sculpting your abs. $250 per hour for a private session. Gotham Gym, 600 Washington St (646-490-8500, Gotham G-Box, 43 Crosby St (917-472-7384).

For boosting your metabolism: David Barton
Photograph: Courtesy David Barton

5. For boosting your metabolism: David Barton

The one thing that many of us complain about as we get older is our metabolism slowing down—that’s why David Barton has made it his specialty. His science-based plan includes a personal metabolic assessment followed by a program telling you what to eat and how to work out based on the results. Pricing based on availability. 355 W 49th St (917-521-6666,

To receive all-over sculpting: Anna Kaiser
Photograph: Courtesy Carbon38

6. To receive all-over sculpting: Anna Kaiser

She’s part yoga teacher, part dance instructor and 100 percent a body-toning goddess. Anna Kaiser built the AKT workout system using her background in multiple disciplines so she could offer a full spectrum of fitness elements, from yoga and dance to strength training and plyometrics. The workouts change every two weeks so you’ll never plateau or get bored, and the result is a killer body. Price upon request; $200 per hour for 60-minute sessions at AKT. Various locations (212-634-7919,

For looking like a supermodel: Javi Perez
Photograph: Courtesy Matthew Willman

7. For looking like a supermodel: Javi Perez

He can’t make you six feet tall, but Javi Perez of modelFIT can give you the body of a runway model. A former elite gymnast and backup dancer for artists like Ricky Martin and Mary J. Blige, he’s transformed his passion for fitness into a must-try workout that combines Pilates moves, yoga routines and more. $160 per hour. 212 Bowery (

To slim down pre-wedding: Kat Ellis
Photograph: Courtesy Rachel Woods

8. To slim down pre-wedding: Kat Ellis

You bought that wedding dress one size too small, but you will fit into it without bridal shop alternations. Kat Ellis at Uplift Studios will help you achieve your wedding goals whether you have one, three or six months to slim down. Called Fit to be Tied, her personalized program works on transforming your body by building progressively with lots of variety. $1,350. 24 West 23rd St (212-242-3103,

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