The official Afropunk schedule 2016

Plan your day at the NYC fest and check out set times and stage assignments with the Afropunk schedule 2016

Photograph: Katie Kanazawich

The Afropunk schedule 2016 has arrived, with set times for the headliners and the best rising acts at Afropunk 2016. Coming after Panorama and Governors Ball, it’s one of the year’s last summer music festivals. Here’s who you’ll see when on Saturday, August 27 and Sunday, August 28 at Brooklyn’s Commodore Barry Park.

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Afropunk Festival Saturday, August 27 Set Times

Black Stage
8:10–8:30pm Tank and The Bangas

Gold Stage
2:15–3:15pm Ras G
3:15–4:15pm MONO/POLY
4:15–4:45pm Shabazz Palaces
4:45–5:15pm MONO/POLY
5:15–5:55pm Thundercat
5:55–6:35pm PDBY
6:35–7:20pm George Clinton
7:20–8:30pm PDBY
8:30–9:30pm Flying Lotus

Green Stage
1:00–1:45pm DJ Underdog
1:45–2:25pm Qaasim and the Juggernaut War Party
2:15–2:45pm DJ Underdog
2:45–3:15pm The VeeVees
3:15–3:45pm Dhundee
3:45–4:15pm Sate
4:15–4:45pm Dhundee
4:45–5:15pm Benjamin Booker
5:15–5:45pm DJ Lindsey
5:45–6:30pm CeeLo Green
6:30–7:10pm DJ Lindsey
7:10–8:10pm Laura Mvula
8:30–9:00pm DJ Lindsey
9:00–10:30pm TV ON THE RADIO

Red Stage
12:00–1:30pm CX KiDTRONik
1:30–2:00pm In The Whale
2:20–2:50pm Downtown Boys
2:50–3:10pm LSDXOXO
3:10–3:40pm Prayers
3:40–4:00pm LSDXOXO
4:00–4:35pm Ho99o9
4:35–5:00pm Spank Rock
5:00–5:45pm Saul Williams
5:45–6:15pm Spank Rock
6:15–7:00pm Trash Talk
7:00–7:55pm Yaadcaore
7:55–8:55pm Tyler, The Creator

Saturday, August 27 Set Times

Black Stage
8:35–8:55pm Sir The Baptist

Gold Stage
1:45–2:15pm Kitty Kash
2:15–2:45pm Xavier Omar
2:45–3:15pm Eden Hagos
3:15–3:45pm Roman GianArthur
3:45–4:15pm The Whooligan
4:15–4:45pm KAMAU
4:45–5:15pm Joe Kay
5:15–5:55pm Gallant
5:55–6:40pm ESTA
6:40–7:20pm Kelela
7:20–8:30pm Sango
8:30–9:30pm The Internet

Green Stage
1:00–1:45pm Beverly Bond
1:45–2:15pm Kelsey Lu
2:45–3:15pm Seinabo Say
3:15–3:45pm DJ m0ma
3:45–4:15pm The Suffers
4:15–4:45pm DJ m0ma
4:45–5:15pm Skye & Ross From Morcheeba
5:15–5:45pm DJ m0ma
5:45–6:30pm Skunk Anansie
6:30–7:00pm Roofeo
7:00–8:30pm Bad Brains
7:00–8:30pm Fishbone
8:55–9:30pm Living Colour
9:30–10:30pm ICE CUBE

Red Stage
12:00–1:15pm CX KiDTRONiK
1:30–2:20pm RAAA
2:20–2:50pm BLXPLTN
2:50–3:10pm BLKKMORRIS
3:10–3:40pm Radkey
3:40–4:00pm RBLKKMORRIS
4:00–4:35pm Angle Haze
4:35–5:00pm LARRY B
5:00–6:15pm Young Fathers
5:45–6:15pm LARRY B
6:15–7:00pm Earl Sweatshirt
7:00–7:55pm Juliana Huxtable
7:55–8:55pm Janelle Monáe

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