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A sweltering heat wave is on tap for NYC this week

Sizzling temps are expected through the end of the week, if not longer.

Written by
Howard Halle

Short of flying into the sun, few things are as hellish as a July heat wave in NYC, and now, one has set up over our area that's expected to continue through the end of this week—and even into the next. (These things can linger: a heat wave in 2016 lasted six days.) Highs will be above 90 degrees for much of that time, while daytime temps won't get any lower than the high 80s; thunderstorms will also be rocking the city. On top of that, the heat index will make it feel like it's well north of 100 degrees.

The culprit is the jet stream, which is staying well north of much of the U.S. due to a double high pressure system: One pushing up tropical air from the south across a region from SoCal to the Plains states, and another over the Great Lakes spreading high temps into our area.

To beat the heat in the meantime, here are some ways to keep cool:

-Limit going outdoors, especially at midday. If you must, stay in the shade. Otherwise, remain inside with the AC on. If you don't have an air conditioner, go to one of the city's cooling centers; find one near you here, or call 311. (Pro Good Samaritan Tip: If you have elderly neighbors, check in on them, and suggest going to one if they lack AC.)

-Stay hydrated, and don't wait to drink water until you are thirsty. Avoid alcohol, since it can lead to heat stroke by interfering with body's ability to regulate its core temperature.

-Wear loose-fitting, lightweight clothes. Avoid donning dark colors while outdoors since they absorb sunlight, while lighter hues reflect it.

-Take a nice, cold shower.

As we mentioned above, NYC heat waves are nothing new, but here's one you can take cold comfort from: The hottest air temperature ever recorded in Central Park was 106 degrees back on July 9, 1936.

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