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An art installation "Iceberg" is now aground in the Garment District

Written by
Howard Halle

As much as all of us (except you cold-weather–loving weirdos out there) hate to admit it, winter is here and we are obliged to suffer through it. Luckily, the Garment District Alliance is offering New Yorkers a distraction from the arctic climate in the form of a cool new outdoor art project on the pedestrian plazas along Broadway between 37th and 38th Streets.

The immersive installation in question—appropriately titled Iceberg—takes shape as a runway covered by trapezoidal arches that sequentially diminish in size: A design element meant to imitate the icebergs rapidly melting thanks to climate change. That's the message anyway, though the real draw here is the piece itself, which interacts with you by emitting light and sound as you walk through it.

Photograph: Courtesy Alexandre Ayer, Diversity Pics

Created by ATOMIC3 and Appareil Architecture, in collaboration with Jean-Sébastien Côté and Philippe Jean, Iceberg is the latest projects from the Garment District Art on the Plazas program, whose past highlights have included a group of “embryonic” sculptures at the same location. Meanwhile, Iceberg is waiting to be posted on your Instagram account through February 24. 

Photograph: Courtesy Alexandre Ayer, Diversity Pics

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