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Zero Bond
Image: Courtesy Zero Bond

Everything you need to know about Zero Bond

The private club that’s been a-buzz this week.

Amber Sutherland-Namako
Written by
Amber Sutherland-Namako

In New York City, the zeitgeist moves at an accelerated rate. Last week, everyone was gabbing about emojis and Krispy Kreme, and this week the town can't stop chatting about the downtown club that’s recently hosted our next mayor, a local comedian and one of the world’s most successful businesswomen in quick succession. This is everything you need to know about Zero Bond. 

What is Zero Bond?

Zero Bond, also known as 0 Bond and ‘oh, Bond’ is a private club in New York City’s Noho neighborhood that opened in 2020. It spans 20,000 feet across two floors, with areas to work hard and play harder. 

Why is Zero Bond? 

Income inequality. 

Who is Zero Bond for? 

Individuals living with the appearance of high levels of success. 

Does it have a philosophy though?

What kind of private club wouldn’t? Zero Bond’s reads, in part: 

Zero was the last number ever created; it filled a void that culture across the globe didn’t even realize existed. Without the concept of Zero, mathematics and science had limitations; cultures could not fully achieve what they were destined to become. Zero is not even or odd; Zero is not positive or negative. Zero is its own identity.

How do I become a member of Zero Bond? 

Gather your $5000 most private dollars for the initiation fee and annual membership dues if you are over 45. The cost drops to $4,000 if you are under 45 and $2,700 if you are under 28. All three age tiers must then assemble a letter of recommendation from a current member, a “clear recent headshot,” and ten minutes to complete the application form. You’ll also be asked to upload a government ID, which seems like a lot. 

At some point in this process you will be expected to “display a high level of integrity and demonstrate an ability to contribute to our Zero Bond community,” before the club’s membership committee issues its ruling based on “all aspects of the person’s character.”

Why does this all sound vaguely familiar even though I do not seek out information about this kind of place? 

Brooklyn Borough President and New York City Mayor-elect Eric Adams recently visited, as did Kim Kardashian West and Pete Davidson. The local paper detailed the latter duo’s dalliance as a romp through “Pete Davidson’s native NYC,” which amused the internet for like 11 hours. And, although you may not have clicked a single link relevant to any of this in recent days, information is increasingly absorbed by osmosis. 

Is there food? 

Yes, there appears to be giant portions of shrimp cocktail, sushi and drinks. 

Can you collect some quotes from Zero Bond founder Scott Sartiano?

Yes. To Forbes: “I want to create a space for successful people to mingle, work, hang out, whatever they want, and feel safe and happy.” To Bloomberg: “I’m putting up a gate, I’m building a wall, and there’s criteria to get inside. ” To Robb Report: “I didn’t want to create a place that was just for rich people to spend a lot of money.”

Is Zero Bond Soho House? 

No, it does not have the the brand recognition, but in Pete Davidson’s New York, if you dream it, you can be it. 

Is there anything else noteworthy about Zero Bond?

It does not appear that the private club will be allowed to operate on the public sidewalk as part of NYC’s Open Restaurants program any time soon, not that it didn’t try

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